Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be flexible!

Greetings all,

I hope you had your fill of wonderful food and time with family! I know I did, and we're still enjoying the leftovers. That's the best part, right?

Well, I recently received some photos of a wedding I did in October, courtesy of Ann Rabbit with Illuminare Photography. I was very pleased!

Some of you are probably familiar with the havoc created by the abrupt closure of both Bella Terazza and Tuscany at Garden Villa right after Hurricane Ike. Well, one of my brides, Tanya, was on schedule to marry there mid-October. When we both found out, it was a mad scramble to change everything.

She was blessed to find another location, and a beautiful one at that - Ashton Gardens. We
adjusted all of the decorating from a rustic Italian style to now fit a formal chapel and ballroom with crystal chandelieres. In a blitz of phone calls and text messages, we did it, and got everything finalized just in time. We were so pleased with the results - very beautiful!

Being flexible and staying true to your commitments is critical to a successful business. Sometimes, as in the case I just described, life deals the cards for us and we don't have much choice about which card we're dealt. Naturally, managing those situations can become stressful for all parties involved. However - it is important that no matter what, clients are taken care of, and the service you provide to them is nothing less than the best! The results will still be something you can be proud of.

Tanya, the beautiful blushing bride

The happy couple

Bridesmaid bouquet

At the reception

Reception Table close-up

Monday, November 24, 2008

December Weddings

Can you believe it?? It's almost December, and Thanksgiving is upon us. I'm so looking forward to this week's festivities - time spent with loved ones, great food, and being so very thankful for all the good things in my life.

I'm also gearing up for December weddings, and the onslaught of Christmas decorations. While I love both, sometimes the two mix well together and other times...well, not so much! When thinking about your colors and theme for your wedding celebration, don't forget that the venue(s) you have selected may already have their own plans for Christmas decorations. To avoid any unexpected surprises, be sure to ask about this while visiting, and before booking with them.

Ask to see photos of the place all decked out in last year's Christmas glory, and whether or not the same look or actual decorations will be used again during your wedding month. The venue may allow movement or temporary removal of certain decorations, but be sure you know the specifics. If your colors are winter blue and silver, you may not be very happy with the venue's choice of artificial pine garland covered with bright red and gold ornaments. But, if they have chosen silver as the primary color, this may work nicely with your vision.

Being sure to consider this in advance can save you a great deal of heartache and last minute adjustments. Life is already pretty busy for most of us, and with the additional craziness of the holidays, make sure your event is well thought out.

Happy Thanksgiving!